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Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan
The Art Coast of Michigan
In October 2015, a two-day charrette sponsored by Landscape Forms and dubbed Xtreme LA (Extreme Landscape Architecture), brought sixteen young landscape architects and two awardwinning leaders in the field to Saugatuck/Douglas in Western Michigan. The event provided an opportunity for members of the next generation of design professionals to cast a fresh perspective on issues critical to the growth and future of the lakeside community. Top of the agenda were reinvigorating the waterfront, enhancing streetscapes, building better connections, and fostering a stronger year-round economy in a summer-season market - all within a frame work of sustainable principles. The team toured the towns, was briefed by city mayors and managers and returned to a local studio to brainstorm, create concepts, and develop proposals. This report provides highlights of the illustrated presentation delivered at a public meeting following the event.