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We have leveraged our experience to identify insights and solutions in a range of outside environments--from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces.

Thought Starters
Thought Starters
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Healthcare Insights
General Healthcare - G-C
Application GC
Courtyard is a large, central, and highly visible space in a medical complex that is typically adjacent to a dining area.
Primary Insight
Facilitate Communication
Settings that encourage informal social exchanges improve communication between patients and providers, which can reduce stress and foster the healing process.
Elements, Attributes, and User Experience
  • Chipman tables and Chipman chairs offer a place for informal dining, conversation, and respite.
  • Reeder illuminated sign provides campus-wide wayfinding and identification of available settings to ease navigation.
  • Collect litter provides attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  • A tree canopy and umbrellas provide the option for filtered shade in selected areas.
  • A water feature creates a calming central design element to help provoke conversation and reduce stress and anxiety for healthcare workers, visitors, and patients.
  • Mingle seating and Shade umbrellas support eating, drinking, and informal exchanges.
  • Outdoor charging stations adjacent to tables, chairs and benches provide convenient access to power and USB charging.
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Site Installations - Healthcare
UCSF Cardiovascular Center
San Francisco, CA
Ellis Fischel Healing Garden
Columbia, MO
Space Planning Tips
From pocket parks to public plazas, there are myriad variables to consider when determining arrangements of site furnishings.
To assist you in the process, we've gathered some basic spacing suggestions based upon our many years of experience activating outdoor spaces.
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