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Ideas and Inspiration

Waterfront Deck
Meeting Space
Bike Station
Regional Transit Station
Main Street Plaza
Meeting Space
Healing Garden
Rooftop Deck
Suburban Transit Station
Elements, Attributes,
and User Experience
  • Engaging in social activities while in proximity to water brings energy and enrichment to the human experience and stimulate the senses.
  • The Upfit structure creates both a centralized gathering space and zones delineated for lounging, dining, and small gatherings.
  • Upfit's sleek, contemporary post-and-beam design and slatted panel back wall elevate the outdoor experience and the caches of a luxury waterfront deck.
  • Upfit slatted panels provide protection from wind and a sophisticated backdrop that defines boundary.
  • Power running through the posts and beams allow an overhead fan to cool and circulate air in the central gathering space and can accomodate overhead lighting, monitors, and charging access at Upfit in-line and peninsula tables.
  • TUUCI umbrellas offer shade in the lounge and dining zones.
  • Harvest dining-height table and benches gather individuals and groups for communal activity around its generous surface. An integrated LED light option extends Harvest's use into the evening.
  • Cochran tables and chairs create conversation groupings on the cantilevered deck.
  • Cochran chaises offer people places to relax physically and mentally with a view to the water.
  • Sorella planters define boundaries between the lounging and dining zones and the deck perimeter, and provide a habitat for colorful flowers and plants.
  • FGP path lights illuminate the deck's perimeter and promote safe use of the deck during the evening.
waterfront deck
Waterfront Deck
Waterfront Deck
Waterfront Deck
Waterfront Deck